Our mission is to enable schools to get the most out of Google Cloud. Our EDU-specific technical trainings meet Google Admins where they are and provide the knowledge transfer to empower them to master their Google environment. Whether a new or seasoned Google Admin, Amplified IT has training opportunities for every level in various learning formats from live digital events to self-paced options.

Amplified IT offers bundle pricing for admins who are looking to take all three certifications. You can learn more about our bundle pricing here.

An Introduction to the Amplified Admin Courses

The Amplified Admin Level 1 Certification training will guide your IT staff through educational best practices and EDU Workspace Admin console skills and techniques. This fundamentals course covers Admin Console basics and key settings configurations for the educational use of Workspace for Education.

The Amplified Admin Level 2 Certification training is our advanced-level EDU Workspace Admin course and requires an Amplified Admin Level 1 certification to validate fundamental knowledge of the Workspace environment. This course will build on the basics learned in Level 1 to address more complex settings, topics, and advanced best practices as it applies to education.

The Amplified Admin Security Specialist Certification for those EDU Workspace Admins who are looking for advanced-level, security-specific training. This certification training builds on the foundational and advanced Amplified Admin Level 1 and 2 courses, providing a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity risk factors facing EDU leaders and how to appropriately mitigate through setting configurations.

Amplified IT offers bundle pricing for admins who are looking to take all three certifications. You can learn more about our bundle pricing at the link below.

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Terms & Conditions

Certification tickets purchased where self-paced or online content has been accessed and used are not eligible for transfer to another staff member. Valid tickets that have not been accessed or started can be transferred to alternative staff members upon written request to Amplified IT via amplifiedadmin@amplifiedit.com.

Bundle purchases that have not been accessed or used are eligible for transfer upon written request. Tickets that are part of a bundle and have been started, accessed or attended cannot be transferred, however remaining unused and unaccessed tickets within that bundle can be transferred upon written request.

Attendees/students who fail an associated certification exam two times will not be eligible for any additional retakes or resets without the purchase of a new ticket. Attendees/students wishing to continue to pursue certification will be required to purchase a new ticket to continue. If certifications that are part of a bundle package are failed twice, the relevant ticket will need to be purchased again, and completed with a successful exam attempt in order to continue with the rest of the bundle courses. No additional exam time extensions can be given to ticket holders.