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Training Description

The Amplified Admin Level 1 Certification training will guide your IT staff through educational best practices and EDU Workspace Admin console skills and techniques. This Fundamentals course covers Admin Console basics and key settings configurations for the educational use of Workspace for Education.

Key topics will include:

  • User-provisioning fundamentals
  • OU set-up
  • Activation or deactivation of critical services
  • Chrome management
  • Google Vault management
  • Reporting


This training includes a series of lessons, real-world education examples, and knowledge checks to prepare attendees for life as a school Workspace for Education administrator. A brief test will be given at the end of the course to assess your new-found skills.


  • A greater knowledge of key approaches, settings, and techniques
  • Deeper insight into Workspace Fundamentals and its effective application in a school environment
  • A solid foundation in EDU Workspace management

What does the training provide?

  • Self-paced: Step by Step modules guide you through Admin Console basics in this online course.  Video tutorials, slides and transcripts are provided.  Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console is recommended


  • Accelerated one day “Bootcamp” style training session:  Along with access to the above self-paced course, you will receive the following additional benefits:
    • A full day class led by our expert Google for Education Consultants
    • Access to a practice domain and Admin console
    • Hands-on workshop activities to validate your new skills
    • A group learning environment with other colleagues from the education space, promoting group discussions and insights


  • Certification and Badge for Passing the Content Assessment Test


This training is intended for the following participants:

  • Current EDU Workspace Admins with 3 or more months experience
  • Technical focused staff
  • Instructional staff with G Suite management responsibilities in the console


To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Familiarity with IT admin basics
  • 3+ months of experience in the Admin Console
  • Basic understanding of G Suite user and service management
  • Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console, if you do not have Super Admin level access or have limited access we suggest selecting the Live Bootcamp Session option.  Alternatively, users can choose to create a Trial Domain 

Preview what our Course has to offer:

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Self-Paced Only


Videos, Slides & Transcripts
Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console Highly Recommended

Frequently Asked Questions /

This training is for EDU Workspace Admins who already have some experience (1-3 months) and a basic understanding of the Admin Console.

If choosing the Self-paced Only course it is recommended you have access to an EDU Workspace domain Admin Console.  Alternatively you can purchase the Live Instructed Ticket, or obtain a domain name and apply for a trial domain from Google

If selecting the Live Instructed Session you will be provided with a practice domain and Admin Console with Super Admin level access.

Yes.  For both the Self-paced course and the Live Instructed sessions you will be directed to the brief exam at the end of the course (45-75mins)

Yes, this EDU specific course and certification provided by Amplified IT provides comprehensive knowledge that can easily be applied to the Workspace administration skills Google may test for in the future.

Terms & Conditions

Certification tickets purchased where self-paced or online content has been accessed and used are not eligible for transfer to another staff member. Valid tickets that have not been accessed or started can be transferred to alternative staff members upon written request to Amplified IT via

Bundle purchases that have not been accessed or used are eligible for transfer upon written request. Tickets that are part of a bundle and have been started, accessed or attended cannot be transferred, however remaining unused and unaccessed tickets within that bundle can be transferred upon written request.

Attendees/students who fail an associated certification exam two times will not be eligible for any additional retakes or resets without the purchase of a new ticket. Attendees/students wishing to continue to pursue certification will be required to purchase a new ticket to continue. If certifications that are part of a bundle package are failed twice, the relevant ticket will need to be purchased again, and completed with a successful exam attempt in order to continue with the rest of the bundle courses. No additional exam time extensions can be given to ticket holders.