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Training Description

Each Specialist certification from Amplified IT gives you the targeted training, knowledge and skills to be one of today’s Google Workspace for Education Admin elite.  The Amplified Admin Security Specialist Certification training will guide your IT staff through advanced EDU Workspace Admin console security settings.  Learn the skills required to safe guard and control security within your Google for Education environment.  This course covers domain-level settings and best practices, securing and protecting users, understanding security implications for key core-service settings as well as using the Reports section of the console and API’s to identify and troubleshoot issues.  This training includes a series of lessons, real-world education examples, and knowledge checks to prepare attendees to properly use Workspace Fundamentals along with Standard and Plus tools and settings to enhance security and safety within an institution’s environment.  A brief test will be given at the end of the course to assess your new-found skills.

Key Topics Will Include:

  • Workspace Account Security and Setup
  • Admin Roles
  • Password Policy
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Enterprise Investigation Tool
  • Security Health
  • Security Dashboard
  • User Security
  • Directory management
  • 2 Step Verification
  • 3rd party Apps
  • Context Aware Access
  • Advanced Gmail Security
  • Account Recovery
  • Walled Gardens
  • Drive Sharing
  • Restrict Delivery
  • Meet security
  • Google Vault management
  • Reports & troubleshooting issues


  • Key EDU Workspace skills and security knowledge admins require in today’s landscape
  • Techniques and tools needed to harden and secure your Workspace for Education users and environment
  • A greater knowledge of key security approaches, settings, techniques, and troubleshooting
  • Deeper insight into advanced Workspace security tools and its effective application in a school environment
  • A solid foundation in EDU Workspace security management

How is the training delivered?

  • The Security Specialist course is delivered via an online, self-paced learning platform and via Live Instructed Class
  • Learn and study at your own speed and pace
  • Secure exam environment to take your certification test
  • Certification and badge for passing the test
  • The Security Specialist Bundle consists of Amplified Admin Level 1, Level 2 Live Instruction classes and Security class delivered via our self-paced platform.


This training is intended for the following participants:

  • Current Amplified Admin Level 1 Certified users
  • Current Amplified Admin Level 2 Certified users
  • Security Focused Technical Staff


Participants are required to have a current Amplified Admin (Level 1) and Amplified Admin Level 2 certification in good standing order

  • Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console, if you do not have Super Admin level access or have limited access we suggest requesting more access from your administrator or using the option below:
  • Alternatively, users can choose to create a Trial Domain 

Preview what our Course has to offer:

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Self-Paced Only


Videos, Slides & Transcripts
Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console Required
Level 1 and Level 2 certification required

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Self-Paced Only


Videos, Slides & Transcripts
Access to an EDU Workspace Admin Console Required
Level 1 and Level 2 certification required

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Frequently Asked Questions /

Yes, Level 1 and Level 2 are prerequisites for this course and certification. 

If choosing the Self-paced Only course it is recommended you have access to an EDU Workspace domain Admin Console.  Alternatively you can obtain a domain name and apply for a trial domain from Google

If selecting the Security Specialist Bundle, you will be provided with a practice domain and Admin Console with Super Admin level access for all three courses via the live instructed classes.  This practice domain can then also be used while you work through your self-paced courses for extra study if needed.

If you are already Level 1 and Level 2 certified and are taking the Security Specialist Self-paced course, there will be one Security Specialist exam at the end of your study

If you are selecting the Security Specialist Bundle because you have no current Amplified Admin certifications, you will take a total of three exams; one after each Live Instructed class or course is completed

Your Security Specialist certification will need to be renewed every 2 years.  This is due to the ever changing landscape of Google Workspace for Education, and our interest in making sure anyone who is AA Security Specialist certified is always up to date on the latest and best security approaches.

Your existing or newly obtained Amplified Admin Level 2 certification will also expire every 2 years.  This course contains advanced Admin Console management techniques and best practices that are more volatile than the basics, and therefore subject to frequent change within Google.  We want to ensure you always have the most current skills and best practices for your role in education.

Your Amplified Admin Level 1 certification focuses on the basics of Admin Console management.  We feel these skills are easily maintained by you through every day use of your skills in your role in Education, and less susceptible to constant change from Google.  Therefore maintaining your Level 2 certification every two years automatically locks in your Level 1 for life without the need for re-certification.

Terms & Conditions

Certification tickets purchased where self-paced or online content has been accessed and used are not eligible for transfer to another staff member. Valid tickets that have not been accessed or started can be transferred to alternative staff members upon written request to Amplified IT via

Bundle purchases that have not been accessed or used are eligible for transfer upon written request. Tickets that are part of a bundle and have been started, accessed or attended cannot be transferred, however remaining unused and unaccessed tickets within that bundle can be transferred upon written request.

Attendees/students who fail an associated certification exam two times will not be eligible for any additional retakes or resets without the purchase of a new ticket. Attendees/students wishing to continue to pursue certification will be required to purchase a new ticket to continue. If certifications that are part of a bundle package are failed twice, the relevant ticket will need to be purchased again, and completed with a successful exam attempt in order to continue with the rest of the bundle courses. No additional exam time extensions can be given to ticket holders.