Hosting a G Suite Amplified Admin Certified Bootcamp /

Why host?

Why would your school or school district host an Amplified Admin Bootcamp?

  • There hasn’t been an Amplified IT training in your area recently.
  • There are lots of folks at your district (and neighboring districts) who need the training.

What're the benefits of hosting?

  • Showcase your district as a leader in local education technology
  • No travel costs to get to the event
  • Free tickets based on attendance
    • 15 ticket sales = 1 free ticket
    • 25 ticket sales = 2 free tickets
    • 30 ticket sales = 3 free tickets

What does it take to host?

If you can answer yes to these 4 questions, you have what it takes to host:

  • Do you have a room that can comfortably fit 35 attendees with their devices?
  • Does the room also have wifi and a clear projector for attendees (Power outlets for charging devices are nice as well)
  • Can you help spread the word about the event to neighboring school districts?
  • Can you communicate with Amplified IT in a timely manner prior to the event?


Ticket Price

$249 – Collaborative member pricing

$299 – Standard pricing


Who sells tickets?

Amplified IT (unless otherwise arranged)


What’s included in a ticket?

Full day training

Light breakfast and full Lunch

End of day test

Ready to Host?

If you're ready to host, it's time to schedule a call with our events team. We still need to go over a few details with you that will be specific to your event (date, location, scheduling conflicts, etc).